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Due to high demand, we're now offering batch ordering

Each month we will be able to accept 30 orders per two week period and will ship by the end of that period. Once we hit 30 orders, we will shut down the store until the next two week batch ordering window starts. This makes sure that we don't get behind in production and that you get your kits when you expect to. Make sure to sign our mailing list to be alerted when the store is back open! Thank you so much for your amazing support as we Forge ahead!

Laser Cut Cardboard Kits

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Customize your own adventure!

Let the games begin!

These kits make wonderful costumes for imaginary play and stories, even theatrical productions, but these kits are also so much more. Each kit is designed to be a practical set of arms and armor for sword-based tactical and strategic games. Any patch of wild greenspace or alley can become a mysterious place for creative and mythic outdoor group play. Adventures in Cardboard has been a champion of such play and invites you to steal gaming ideas they have been using for years, develop your own games or grab your arms and armor and join them for large-scale games in the parks.